On the right track since 2004

EMONS Multitransport GmbH with branch offices in Hamburg and St. Petersburg was established by the partners EMONS Spedition (shipping company) and Helmut Vollmers in April 2004. Right from the beginning, the business areas comprised truck traffic from / to

Russia with a special focus on roll-on roll-off shipments.


One special feature in this context has always been the company's ecological commitment. Accordingly, we offer multimodal shipments by train and ferry. Our fleet is

also refurbished and updated according to the latest environmental aspects: the average

age of our vehicles is just about two years!


Our business operations have been successful from the word go: steadily increasing

revenues prove that we are on the right path. As a result, we have been in a position to

enlarge our original workforce of qualified employees.


As our customer and partner, you are always in the focus of all these developments. It is

for you that we consistently optimise our performance and services, so that you can rely

on EMONS Multitransport GmbH for all your logistics‐related requirements.

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Emons Multitransport GmbH

Werner-Siemens-Straße 100

D-22113 Hamburg

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DE AEOF 102478


Z.A.O. Emons Multitransport

Lubotinsky Prospekt 5

RUS-196105 St. Petersburg

Phone +7 812 327 43 27

Fax +7 812 327 97 13

E-Mail info(at)emons(dot)ru